The not so glamorous side of going after your dreams

Have you ever started something new? Maybe something scary? Have you ever taken the leap, and gone after your dreams?

It’s what I did in April, and I would love to share with you a glimpse of my not so glamorous journey has consisted of: 

Website building and learning how buttons work (you mean they don’t just work?!) 

Writing...lots and lots of writing!!!

Tears… lots of those too

Wanting to give up

Hope for the future

Excitement for what God has for me!


Its been hard,  it’s been exciting, and it’s been so fulfilling.

When I first initially decided to write a blog, having a functional website didn’t even cross my mind! I soon realized that there is so much that goes on behind a website that I was so lost. Some nights I cried because I had no idea what I was doing, but I didn’t let it deter me, I just kept going. One button after another, I got my website up!

One. Stinking. Day. At. A. Time!

 Then came the writing, and then actually sharing that with people. It was scary; the fact that someone would be reading my writing and possibly judging me terrified me! What was I getting myself into?!

Oh, and did I mention the tears and constant thoughts of just giving up? Yeah, It’s been a battle I didn’t see coming! I figured once I set after my dreams life would be great and nothing would stop me. But life still happened, and my emotions have gotten the best of me at times.

But then there’s a thing called hope that God gave me. Hope; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

I know God’s plans for me are greater than my emotions, than my feelings of doing this in vain… I know God has me in the palm of His hands in my journey.

Whatever journey you’re on, I’m sure you’ve discovered the road is not as glamorous as you may have envisioned.

But there are valleys we must go through before we get to the mountaintop. We won’t reach the mountaintop if we stop in the middle of the valley.

Here are a few simple steps I’ve used in my journey, and I hope you can use them too.

1. Trust God 

Stop the worrying. The Creator of the Universe knows the number of hairs on your head, do you really think He will fail you? Lay your worries at His feet every day.

2. Take it one day at a time

Stop worrying about next year, next month, or next week. Focus on what you can do TODAY!

3. Persevere  

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Hang on, and fight for your dreams. You CAN do hard things. 

 The time it takes for you to reach your dreams is going to pass anyway, so why not pursue your dreams no matter what the journey brings? I encourage you to keep going, push past your feelings, and don’t give up.

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