Living a life of confidence

When you carry yourself with confidence the world will notice. The way you do everything changes.

Confidence is not something I believe people are born with, I believe it’s something we can grow, and make flourish. It’s like a plant; if you take care of it, it will thrive. If you don’t, it will dwindle.

Mel Robins said it perfectly on Instagram,

“Confidence is a skill that you can build. It doesn’t start with belief - it starts with action. When you push yourself to act, you’re beating self-doubt. You’re beating fear. Every time you try, you’re building confidence. Just like any other skill, it gets better the more you practice.”

Confidence requires action.

My husband and I will occasionally get asked to share a message on Tithe and Offering to the church congregation. The first time we were asked to go on stage I nearly fainted (not really, but your girl here is a lot of drama). I was so nervous, shaking, my stomach all of a sudden turned, and I could barely remember my lines. But we went up, and spoke. And I survived, I didn’t die up there, in fact I think I made a few people laugh.

And surprisingly, we have been asked again after that to be on stage. Each time has gotten easier. I feel more comfortable speaking. I am more confident! But what if I had just told them “no, thank you, I’m just not meant for the stage.” Well, they probably would have picked someone else and moved on.

And I would be the same as I was three years ago. I wouldn’t have grown. I wouldn’t know that I would become more confident, and secretly dream of making on impact in the lives of others while speaking on stages next to my favorite speakers (hey, nothing wrong with dreaming big!)

So, what kind of action can you do today to build your confidence?

  1. Speak what you want to see

    Begin to make a list of affirmations that you can speak over your life. Speak things that you want to see happen. Do you want to be confident while speaking in front of a live audience? Then begin to say it to yourself, “ I am confident when I speak in front of a live audience!” Do you want to be a better wife? Begin to describe the qualities you want to see, “ I am a kind, and gentle wife. I live to love and serve my husband daily.”  Whatever it is, speak it. Our words create our world, and I have found that what I speak begins to manifest in my life thanks to Proverbs 18:21, “ The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

  2. Take action

    Step out of your fears, and go! You won’t gain confidence making excuses. Whenever I have allowed my fears keep me back, I end up feeling insecure. But when I move my fears aside, a confidence that I believe is God in me swells up in me - reminding me of how invincible I am because of Him. Whether it’s starting that life group, pursuing that business, going back to school, take action!

Today, you may have been raised to think that only certain people are confident. But I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Confidence is something you grow, and you can become confident no matter where you find yourself in life.

Today, speak what you want to see in your life, take action, and begin to live a life of confidence.