Adjusting in each season of life

We all go through different season of life, and I believe it is vital for us to recognize each season that we are in so that we can adjust to them.

No two seasons are the same, so we can’t treat the seasons of life we are in as such. It would be crazy to be walking in your summer shorts while it’s snowing because winter and summer are so different and require different gear, tools, and require us to adjust to them. It’s the same with life!

I just announced to the world last week that I am expecting baby number 2. Hello, baby bump!

With that being said, I am heading into a new season in less than 9 months - striving to be a great wife while becoming a mommy to two, while I work on making a profitable business, and did I mention that pile of laundry that NEVER goes away?

Being pregnant is itself a new season, and I have had to adjust. I am TIRED all the time. And I have come to terms that that’s okay, and that I need to extend some grace to myself during this baby growing and hormone changing season.

For most of my life I just went from season to season, never knowing that each season required something different of me. Some more sacrifices than others, some more play than others, and some definitely more painful than the one before. Wherever you find yourself today, I encourage you to read the following tips to help you to adjust to each season of you’re life.

  1. Recognize the season you’re in

    Are you working two jobs, going to school, and still convinced you can do all the things you used to do when you were working part time and not going to school? That’s first of all - delusional! Just kidding, but it’s unrealistic and you will create expectations that will only frustrate you. Recognize that hey, I’m in a more busy season of life, and my schedule and life will have to be planned differently in order for me to reach success. So, what season are you in right now?

  2. Adjust to the season you’re in

    When you recognize the season you’re in, create a plan for it. Make boundaries if needed, be clear and realistic about your expectations. Once you’re clear about how you intend to move in this season, it becomes easy to say no to commitments or invitation that may just not be aligned to what you need in this season.

  3. Find Hope

    If you’re experiencing a difficult season, find comfort that this season won’t last forever. God has designed each season accordingly, and just like winter doesn’t last all year (Thank God!), neither will your struggle.

Today, take the time to recognize what season you’re in, make a plan to adjust in it, and find hope during you’re season. No matter how joyful or painful a season may be, they will always come to end. It’s what you do during them that matters the most!

I would love to hear your answers about what season you’re in, and how you plan to adjust to it. Comments are open below, and ready for you to share!

Dulce Johnson2 Comments