Being proud of yourself

Would you be able to confidently tell me 3 things you’re proud of yourself for?

I came across someones Facebook post recently that said, “Today I want you to think about all that you are instead of all that you are not”, and then they asked us to write down three things that we were proud of ourselves for.

I was excited to leave my answer in the comments, but then it got tough. Like really tough.

I could think of so many things I was proud of my husband for. I could think of a lot of things that made me proud to be Killian’s mommy. But to be proud of myself? Huh? Say again?

I sat down and really had to evaluate why I was having a hard time finding things to be proud of myself for.

I realized I focused on my flaws, and hardly ever celebrated my wins.

My wins weren’t recognized, they weren’t enough, they didn’t matter.

Or so I thought!
But every step forward is a win.

So how can you confidently say 3 things that you’re proud of yourself for?

Practice the following:

  1. Celebrate each win that comes your way.

    Every win that you can recognize will help you to realize that you really are doing a great job! Did you go to work with your shirt on the right side, and on time? That’s a win! Did you wake up early enough to pray and meditate? That’s a win! Did you write one blog today? Win! Every day has a win, you just have to be intentional about being aware of them.

  2. Focus on the good in life and learn from the bad

    Let me break it to you now. You are going to mess up. You will not “kill” each day. Not every day will reflect “the hustle.” But that’s okay. Go back to #1, focus on what you did do - and learn on how you can better tomorrow! There’s a lesson in each day, discover it instead of letting it keep you back.

  3. Give yourself some grace

    We are our worst critics, but that’s not going to help you reach the next level of your life. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Be proud of yourself.

I wrote this as a lesson for myself. I am my own worst critic, and as I pursue my dreams I want to reach each dream loving myself, and being proud of the woman that I have become.

Today, celebrate each win, learn a lesson from each day, and give yourself some grace in this journey.