Leaving a Legacy

As we talk about dreaming big, and planning for an amazing 2019 I would like to speak about something really important.


What legacy will you leave when your time on earth is done?

I ask this because as you plan for 2019, which of those goals or dreams really matter? What is going to last and stand long after you’re gone?

Sure, the car is nice to set a goal for. The house is great, but what impact are you leaving in the lives of others?

As I prepare for 2019, I have to remember what truly matters. 

What kind of values and principles do I want to leave to my children?

If I give up on my dreams, where will my children see that it’s possible to actually reach them?

I want to leave a legacy that’s less focused on materials and superficial things, and more focused on character and making a lasting, godly impact on the world.

I want to leave a legacy that focuses on eternity, and not fads.

Well, where to do we even start?

  1. Determine what really matters
  2. Begin to write down your values, write down what matters to you. This can then be written into your very own mission statement.

  3. Make goals surrounding your values

Now that you’ve made clear what your values are it’s time to begin to make goals that are in align with your values. Does opening up your business match your values? Does the reason you’re going back to school reflect your values? You are more likely to stick to finishing your goals when they have a greater meaning and carry a greater value.

3. Don’t waiver 

It’s easy to write down your values and set goals but sticking to them? Not always easy. Life happens, things get hard. But don’t compromise on your values, don’t give up on what’s important to you. These are what you will pass down as a legacy to your children and their children’s children. 

Whatever goals you have in life, make it a priority to remember the legacy you can leave through each of your dreams. Make each one count this next year!  

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