Letting go of worry

Worry is dangerous. Worry cripples you. Worry steals from you the present you should be enjoying.

This last spring my husband and I decided that we wanted to continue expanding our little family of three.

I figured it would be just as easy to conceive this time around as it was previously, but my body proved otherwise. After (impatiently) waiting a couple of months, I decided I would shift my focus on building my website, and creating my blogs.

Of course, I always imagined my reaction to becoming pregnant would be jumping for joy - hooray! But when I found out I was pregnant that didn’t happen.

Worry overtook me. We didn’t have a solid plan. We were already “BUSY”.  I was finally gaining momentum going towards my dreams. And all of a sudden we had less than 9 months to prepare for our 2nd little human.

So I went to bed in tears as my husband cheered with our son about the baby in mommy’s tummy - so carefree.

I woke up that night, or as I’d like to believe - God woke me up that night.

I told God all of my worries, all my fears. I asked Him for help.

Then a sense of peace came over me.

And all of a sudden, I could remember all the times God came through in our struggles.

Every single time God showed up.

God had never failed us, and I knew He wouldn’t start now.

As you can see in my story, worry stole my joy and peace.

Today, take your joy back with a vengeance.

Tell worry that God is greater! Tell your fears that God has never forsaken you - even in your poor planning. God’s grace is sufficient.

I look back at that day, embarrassed that I allowed worry to steal the joy I should have had as I saw those two lines on our test.

But God is good. His grace is sufficient.

Today, I am so proud to carry this child with me as I persevere through to my goals (fatigue and all!) My little peach is with me as I stretch past my worries and fears of what the future may hold. I am so excited to pause in this next season and enjoy our blessing in our arms.

Today, I encourage you to practice the following when you begin to worry:

  1. Remember God’s faithfulness

    Remember all the times God has came through. If waking up today is not enough, think about all the times God has showed up in those impossible moments. I shared last week about our financial journey. I looked back at each time we were down to our last penny, but we still had food in the fridge. We still managed to pay the power bill. God came through each time.

  2. Worship God

    My pastor recently talked about letting go of worry, and choosing to worship God. I encourage you to praise, lift your hands, sing and worship God when worry creeps in. It will not only lift your spirit up, but it shows God that you trust Him even in the midst of your trial.

  3. Make a plan

    After God reminded me of His faithfulness, He also reminded me that I still had time to make a plan. So, Derek and I made a plan. We’ve set a goal to reach a certain amount of money in our savings before our little babe arrives, and are well on our way. I have made a plan to get my products out and ready as we enter 2019 so we can have additional income while I’m on maternity leave. Having a plan brings you peace because you aren’t scrambling, but you know what to expect for the most part. You have peace knowing can bring that plan into fruition.

  4. Trust God

    I know, it’s a typical thing we hear all the time! But when you can get it deep in your heart and in your spirit that you are convinced that God - the creator of the Heavens and Earth is in control of your situation, peace will trump worry each time.

    If you’re overwhelmed with worry, I encourage you to remember God’s faithfulness, worship Him in the midst of your trial, make a plan, and last but not least - Trust Him, knowing God is in complete control of your situation.

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