Staying sane in the midst of crazy

Do you ever think back to when you were younger and you thought you were busy? Isn’t it just funny to think about because we all know we really weren’t!

Now that I’m married, and have a little toddler, and still have responsibilities besides feeding these two - life can get crazy real fast! Like crying over another pile of laundry kind of crazy! Haha okay, maybe those are just the pregnancy hormones.

Life doesn’t have to come to a halt though. It doesn’t have to suck. It doesn’t have to be the end of all your dreams.

In fact, it’s been even more fulfilling fighting for my dreams with my two loves by my side.

It’s not easy. But it’s doable!

Here are a few steps you can take to not only keep your sanity, but still pursue your dreams in the midst of cleaning snot and cooking dinner and the other endless list of things we won’t  mention:

  1. Plan your week ahead of time

    Planning your week ahead of time not only helps you stay organized but it gives you a picture of what the week will look like. Being organized will give you control of your time, and also brings you peace as you are aware of what in the world is going on, and you aren’t double booking, or wondering what in the world you forgot. Does everything goes as planned? Not always, but at least you can be flexible with what you do have planned. Another thing is you can say no to things because hey according to my schedule that just won’t work.

  2. Communicate with your family

    I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing without communicating with my husband, and making sure we were on the same page. He allows me to spend as much time as I need on Sunday evenings to work on my blogs, business and website. If he wasn’t willing to watch our son while I went out to write these blog posts I would have given up months ago because I can hardly function late at night, and I work full time during the day. We have talked about days I dedicate to write or work on my business, and we have agreed on them. Be sure to communicate with those your schedule and dreams can affect so you can get on the same page.

  3. Recognize the season you’re in

    I know I just talked about this last week, but it’s worth mentioning again! Each season you’re in is going to be different, and it’s important to recognize those for the sake of not only your sanity but your family’s. I’m pregnant right now, working on something almost each spare second I have. But in less than 9 months I know I am going to be putting a pause on things. I don’t know what that looks like yet but I know things will surely change with another baby in our home, and I can’t expect to do what I’m doing now in that coming season.

  4. Don’t give up

    Life gets crazy. Things happen. But promise yourself to finish what you’ve been assigned to do! Don’t throw in the towel. Pause. Take a breather. I don’t know if it truly gets easier, but God does give us the grace to embrace each season we encounter. The time will pass anyways, may as well do what God has called you to do no matter how crazy it gets.

Don’t allow the craziness of life to keep you from pursuing your God given desires. Plan your week in advance, be on the same page with your family, recognize the season you’re in, and whatever you do - DON’T GIVE UP!

Leave your thoughs in the comments below, and if you know someone who would be encouraged by this message please feel free to share it with them.  


Cheering you on!  

Dulce JohnsonComment