Commit to not give up

We are entering the time of the year when goals get set, dreams are made, and hopes are high.

It’s my favorite time of the year because of the endless possibilities that the year holds for me!

There’s one thing though that I would like to talk about as we enter 2019.

Make this the year you start going after your dreams, and make it the year you don’t quit while pursuing them. 

It will get hard. It will stretch your capacity. But whatever you do, do not give up!

Be determined to finish the task!

2018 has been one of the most fulfilling years of my life, but it’s also been one of the hardest! There have been many times where I wanted to give up, but I held on for dear life. I cried. I rejoiced. I learned. I danced. But I did not give up.

Here are a few things you can do to help you through out the year so you don’t give up.

  1. Have clear goals

    Vague goals produce vague results! If you want to go through 2019 winning, you’re going to have to be very clear about the goals you are wanting to see come to pass in your life. Good example: I want to lose 15 pounds by August 2019. Bad example: I want to lose some weight this year. Be very specific when setting your goals!

  2. Review your goals often

    Once you have gotten your goals clear, don’t stuff them in the closet or in the junk drawer we all know you have. Review them every morning or every night, make a vision board so you can see them, and write them down daily. Do not let them out of your sight!

  3. Have a strong why

    You aren’t going to want to press through the hard times (because it will get hard!) if you don’t have a strong why. If you aren’t passionate about your goals it’s very likely that you won’t finish them. But when you have a why that matters to you, you will press through each obstacle knowing that it’s going to be worth it!

It’s going to get hard going after your dreams, but I challenge you to make the commitment this New Year that this year will be different. This will be the year you did not give up!

I am so excited to see what dreams you’ll be conquering in 2019!

I would love to hear some of them, so comment below so I can cheer you on!!