Dreaming again

We were all born with the ability to dream, and to dream BIG! Just think about when you were a child, what kind of things did you imagine or dream of?

I ran through my cracked basketball court (specially made by my dad) dribbling my basketball dreaming of making the winning shot. Every time we drove on to the "nice" side of town I would look over at the houses on the hill envisioning of what it may be like to live in such a beautiful home. 

Yet, as time passed, so did my vision and dreams. Divorces at home happened. I saw that money was always scarce. That house on the hill? Yeah right, we could barely afford the sprinkled pop tarts. Making the winning shot? Well, too bad because that depression from moving 2 hours away has kept me locked in my room with my ear buds on high. 

As a young teenager, there was no vision. There was no dreams. 

And this may all sound exaggerated but so many of us live life this way. 

"Getting married? yeah right, not after XYZ broke my heart!"

"Owning a business? yeah right, with what degree?" 

"Living debt free? yeah right, I can barely make ends meet!"

The list can go on. But lets end it!

1. Dream like a kid

Take 20 minutes to forget the bills, the stress, and just dream. Kids ask for anything and are very shameless. Be shameless about your future. What do you want your life to look like? Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Dream without fear of the future! 

2. Make a plan

Now that you have your brain jogging with ideas, begin to make a plan. This is where most people give up, they see their dream and it's too big and overwhelming so they stop. We've all heard it, but how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Break down your big goals into small manageable goals. 

3. Go for it

You can dream, make a plan, but if you don't actually do something....well, then nothing happens! Take your plan, and start.  'But Dulce, I need to have my life put together to do this.. I need to have my ducks in a row, now's not a good time.. blah blah blah. " Fact: you don't! All you need to do is start and keep going! 


So today, start dreaming like a kid, make a plan and go for it!