Embracing Every Season

We all go through different seasons of life. Some good, some not so good. Some seasons are exhausting, uncomfortable, and some are stretching!

No matter the season you’re in, I encourage you to embrace it.

2 weeks into my son being born, I was exhausted!  I had never been so needed, my body had never been so delicate, and sleep? As non-existent as everyone talked about!

 And yet, I knew I had to cherish these moments. 

I could either choose to dwell on the real negative emotions that come with such a new and demanding season such as becoming a mom, or I could choose to be joyful because God purposely chose me to become a mom.

It’s what we do in the season that grows us or drowns us. We can choose to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this season?” or we can throw our hands up in the air and give up. 

And well, God says in Genesis, "Choose life!" 

We get to choose to embrace the difficult season. We get to choose how we react. It's our choice.

So, don’t rush through the season you’re in.

My now one year old no longer lays still on my chest as he used to, I'm not as needed as I was in week two of his life. He wiggles out of my arms, he crawls towards the remote! Oh, how time flies! 

Yet, I don't look at the beginning of his life with regret because I know in the stressful season of becoming  a mom I stopped, and embraced the season I was in. I took a deep breath in the middle of his cries, and hugged him. When the laundry needed to get done, I spent an extra minute cuddling my son because I knew he was growing each day.

It's not always easy to stop, and look at the bright side, but I can guarantee it will be worth it. 

Before you try to rush into the next season of your life, stop, and embrace the one you're in. It won't last forever.