Creating Boundaries

Sometimes in order to protect ourselves we have to create boundaries.

Boundaries are where we draw the line, where we don't budge, and stick to our guns.

Everyone's boundaries are different, and should be respected.

For my family, we've created a culture where our Saturday's are for rest and family time. We don’t do business on Saturday, we make it a priority to spend quality time with one another, and anything that is stressful can be dealt with the next day.

But let me share with you an experience that just happened to me when something tried to scoot into my Saturday.  

I had been presented with an opportunity to invest into myself and business. I would have the support, accountability, and community I had ever dreamed of that would help me get to the next level. The twist? 

I needed to commit an hour of my Saturday mornings every week. Until who knows when! 

But of course I said Yes! No Saturday, meant No Awesome Life Changing Group. 

Less than 20 minutes later and a talk with my hubby- that optimistic yes, began to turn into a convicting, regretful one.

I knew I couldn’t do it. If I began to compromise the time I set aside for my family, what else would I begin to compromise on? 

You see, once you cross the boundary, it’s easier to cross it again. 

So, I withdrew from the group.

Many dramatic tears and some encouragement from my sister later, I felt good about my decision. I put my family first, I protected my rest, and stayed accountable to my commitment. 

 This isn’t to say you aren’t flexible, but committing to your boundaries gives you control over your life, and clarity to make the best decisions. 

Today, consider creating some healthy boundaries. 

Here are some examples of boundaries you can create:

  • Be in bed by a specified time
  • Keep electronics out of the bedrooms
  • Keep stressful, financial, worrisome talk out of the bedroom
  • Commit to Friday Night Family Nights 
  • No private meetings/messages with the opposite sex  
  • No work at the dinner table 
  • Designate a day of rest  
  •  Have a scheduled study time

What boundaries do you have in your life? 

Comment below, I’d love to hear your feedback and answers!