Making your dreams bigger than yourself

Often, we give up on the dreams that we so badly wanted. We let go of the hope we held on to so tightly, and settle for mediocre lives.  

Other times we get so self-absorbed in our goals that it ends up being all about us, and never about making a positive impact.

But what if I told you that someone is waiting for you? 

Yes, YOU! 

The dreams you have are so much bigger than you think!

One of my favorite scriptures that encourages me when I want to give up is out of the book of Esther, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”  

Esther was in a position where if she took action, could save thousands of people. But if she didn’t, well the hope is that someone else would step in.  

What if you did start that business? What if you did get your PhD Degree? What if you started volunteering for your local homeless shelter?

There’s a bigger picture that we should constantly strive to keep in perspective; To realize that it’s not all about us. 

I encourage you to do the following  

Think about others when goal setting

When setting goals, it’s okay to want the materialistic things that are shiny and expensive. But do make an effort to set goals that could truly help someone else. Ask yourself, “Who could benefit from this?”Live to help others!

Push past the fear

As I mentioned before, people’s lives were on the line if Esther didn’t take action. But Esther was scared, if she took action it could cost her her life. Esther took action, pushed past her fears, and many lives were spared. So today, put your fear aside and stay focused on what really matters! People are depending on you; they could need your business for employment, maybe they need your guidance in therapy. Whatever it may be, someone is waiting for you to take action


 ”Someone is waiting on the other side of your obedience.” 


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