Discovering why you were created

Have you ever sat and wondered about how big the universe is, and how little you are and what kind of purpose you may have been created for?

4th grade me wondered about this a lot as I ran around my back yard in awe of how big the trees around me were. Always wondering, what am I here for? What was I created for. Who am I? 

It’s a little comical until we realize that our 23 year old self is still asking the same question. Then it becomes depressing.  

But stop!  

Because God knows exactly who you are, and why He created you! 

You weren't some accident. You aren’t some regret. You are here today living, and breathing on purpose for a purpose.  

At 23, I sit in awe of how a big God thought of me and created me for a specific reason, knowing that the world needed me in some special way.

And guess what? The world needs you too! 

If you tend to sit and wonder about why you were created, here are a few things that can help you be on your way to living the life you were created for. 


  1. What are you good at?

Your purpose in life can sometimes fall into the talents you were born with. Are you good with numbers? Does sudoku just make your heart melt? Do you enjoy planning parties, or do like using your art skills on other people’s faces? Use your gifts to help lead you in the direction of your purpose.

 2. Dream Big 

If you could accomplish anything without any limits, what would it be? What was it that you dreamed of as a kid? When you take the limits off of your life, there are endless possibilities for you to discover exactly who you were created to be.

3. What are you passionate about?

Your purpose could be hidden in your passions. What is it that you want to make a difference in? What kind of movement are you a part of? The things you’re passionate could lead you into the perfect field where you could live out the best you!

4. Consult God 

There can be talents without God. There can be dreaming without God. There can even be passions without God. But there is no purpose without God. As you seek for who you are, seek God first. Seek the One who knows you best. Seek the One who knows why this giant world would need you in this time today. 


“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” Esther 4:14


Take some time today to discover why you were created so you can live your best life! 

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