Ending the year with a bang

2018 is flying by, and there’s no stopping it! 

What do you want December 31 to look like? 

Will you have taken the trip that you dreamed of? Will you be out of debt like you promised at the start of the year? 

Whatever goals you set for 2018, don’t give up on them! There’s still 5 months left! 

As I write this draft (July 5, 18), there are 180 days left in the year. 4320 hours left in 2018. Thats 259200 minutes, and 15552000 seconds! You HAVE time to reach those goals, now you just have to MAKE the time to reach those goals.  

Make these 180 days count, and leave 2018 with a bang!

Here are a few things you can do.  

  • Decide on 3 goals you’d like to reach by December 31, 2018

What’s most important to you to finish? What aligns best with your current vision? Is it realistic to be accomplished by 2018?

  • Now, make a plan of how you will reach them

One great way to make a plan is to break down your goals. Yearly goals - Monthly goals - Weekly goals - Daily goals. 

  • Go for it 

Once you’ve made a plan, go!! Get the momemtum started, and don’t stop!! Make the necessary sacrifices, because it will be worth it *high five* 


Comment below your Top 3 goals for the last 180 days in 2018!