Learning To Be In The Moment

We live in a world where there is so much going on, all the time!

Most of the time we are waiting to get on to the next project, to go to the next meeting, to meet the next deadline, without ever actually being present in the moment.

What does being in the moment even mean?

It’s being 100% there wherever you are.

- It’s me playing with my son, my phone down and not checking my instagram stats.

- It’s when I’m worshipping at church focused on God, not focused on the busyness that is happening afterwards.

- It’s writing these blogs in peace at night, and not worrying about what lies ahead at the office tomorrow.

It’s hard, but a burden is lifted when the pressure to do everything right now is gone.

Here are a few things to help you practice being in the moment:

1. Be present mentally.

This means actively think about what is happening right now. Notice the sensations you're seeing, hearing and feeling etc...Bring your focus to the present. If you’re having coffee with someone, but your mind is elsewhere - it’s obvious. People know when you’re all there, and when you’re not. If you’re at work, be all there. When you’re at home with your family, be all there. Be engaged, and listen. Wherever you may be, be all there.

2. Put the distractions away.

Whether it’s putting your phone down, or turning off netflix - It’s easy to just “check” your phone. In fact, according to a study in the New York Post , Americans on average check their phones every 12 minutes! 80 times a day! This is just on average. No wonder our minds are all over the place. AND according to a seperate study, it takes another 23 minutes and 15 seconds to recover from an interruption. So that 5 minute scroll on facebook at work really cost you 28 minutes and 15 seconds! Wow! It’s hard being all there when you’re constantly distracted, so put away those temptations because the truth is, there will always be distractions. The distractions can wait until the current task is done.

3. Excellence.

Being distracted leaves a larger margin for error. Choosing to put all your focus on the task at hand increases likelihood for success and excellence. When you’re focused on where you are, it’s easy for what you're doing to be done in excellence. When you’re all over the place, things become a mess. Determine ahead of time that you will do all things with excellence.

Life gets busy, and we all have so many things we need to do. But wherever you are, and whatever you may be doing - do it while being 100% there. 

Dulce JohnsonComment