How having clarity will help protect your time

Your time is valuable because it’s something you will never get back. Money comes and it goes, but your time? It just goes.

Time is precious, and it’s up to us to manage it daily.

As a first time mom, my time is more valuable to me now more than ever! Monday-Friday I work my 9-5, so after work and on my time off I am really picky and intentional about what I spend my time on.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

I used to try to do everything!

I used to say yes to every invitation and commitment because it sounded like a great opportunity, or because I simply didn’t know how to say no.

Today, I have had great opportunities come to me, and I’ve learned to say no to them. Why?

Because not every opportunity that comes my way is the right opportunity!

It’s easy to say no with confidence when you’re clear in the following areas:

•Who you are.

•What your values are.

•Why you’re doing what you’re doing.

These simple and clarifying steps will help you to make the best decisions for your life that add value to your life, and not just steal time from it:

  1. Know your “why”.

Like I mentioned earlier, not every opportunity is the right opportunity. Will this opportunity lead you closer to your dreams? Will it help you in the long run? Or is it just something that will eat more of your time? Understanding why you do anything can help you determine which things propel you to reach your goals and which things just don’t.

2. Recognize the seasons.

We all go through different seasons in life. It’s important to recognize the season you’re in currently and the one you’re going into. Right now, I am preparing for a product launch in December. It is going to take a lot of my time and focus. I will not be joining any new clubs, I will not be committing to any new local groups, I am going to be so busy! It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever do these new things, but for the time being it’s just not the right time. Don’t feel you have to say yes to everything ALL the time!

3. Count the cost.

When deciding to take on something, count the cost. How much of your time do you need to commit? How much of your finances will it require? Can you balance it with what you already committed to? What will this new commitment cost emotionally?

We can’t do everything, and that’s okay!

When an opportunity comes your way, use these tips to help lead you in the right direction towards making the best decision for you so that you aren’t wasting a minute of your time.

Dulce Johnson4 Comments