The importance of rest

People just want to hussle, hussle, work hard, and never sleep.

Which is great and all, but somewhere in between there- take some time to rest.

Like really rest!!

Saturdays for me and my family are total rest days! It’s hard sometimes because I just have this itch to work and get things done, but I remind myself that it will be there the next day.

Rest is more than just sleeping in (wait, I have a 1 year old - what’s sleeping in even mean?!).

Rest is putting your work down,and taking a mental break from the demands of the world.

It’s getting back to The Source.

It’s enjoying your spouse with the phone down, and enjoying your babe with no worry in the world while you sing the wheels on the bus go round and round.

It’s pausing in the middle of the chaos.

Rest is a verb and is defined as “cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.”

Rest requires you to take action, it doesn’t just happen.

You can only go so far “hustling” when all God asks is for one day of rest. It will get to you, and affect everything around you.

Here are a couple of things that you can apply in your own lives to truly live out rest:

1. Meditate

Whether it’s going to an empty bedroom, waking up earlier than the kiddos, or locking yourself in the bathroom - take some time to meditate. Put your phone down, put away the distractions, forget about the stresses of work. Let it be just you and God. Reflect on the week. Reflect on His goodness. Lay your worries at His feet. Restore the peace you may have lost during the craziness of the week.

2. Be intentional

There’s a difference between resting, and wasting time.

Rest allows you to recover strength, while wasting time just saps more of your energy.

Time wasters? Facebook. Instagram. Laundry.

Just kidding, wash those socks!

Lay down, have a real conversation with those around you, build relationships, laugh, help someone, go to the park and enjoy the beauty of nature.

3. Stick to your guns

When you decide what day you will dedicate to rest, stick to it. If you say Saturday will be your day of rest, don’t schedule a business meeting that day! Make it your Holy Day. 


Rest isn’t easy. It takes strength to pause, and lay down all of your work. 

Today, I challenge you to dedicate a day of rest in your life! 

Dulce JohnsonComment