How having clarity will help protect your time Part 2: The Confident Yes

This week I had written about the importance of being clear with your values in order to protect your time.

I talked about saying no with confidence, but today I thought it was really important to share about the confident YES!

Today, I’ll share a few examples of what I say yes to, and commitments in my life and why they are a resounding yes in my life.

These commitments will vary between people, so ask yourself this important question: 

  1. What is going to add value to my life?

My answer: 

  • Attending Life Group each week

I have been attending lifegroup on Tuesdays for almost 7 years now! You mean every Tuesday? As many Tuesdays as I can make it!

You know what can happen to a person who surrounds themselves with people who want to grow closer to God, who want to become better versions of themselves, and help others too for 7 years? 

They grow closer to God, they become better versions of themselves, and help others too.

I want to be the best wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, mentor I can possibly be.

It doesn't happen on accident. I say yes to lifegroup every week, and make plans around my lifegroup time.

  • Day of Rest

My Saturdays do not involve work. I don’t write or make any sort of business plans for my Saturdays. I take a break mentally, and take some time to regain my strength. My next blog post will talk more about the importance of rest and what that looks, so stay tuned! For now, just know that I am confident when I say yes to resting.

  • Relationship Building

Building relationships with others is important to my family and I, so when we get a chance to spend time with others who will add value to us we’re there! When we can pour into someone else, and add value to them then it’s a yes! If someone asks me to grab coffee with them, I’m there. We love people, and do our best to live that out.

These are just a few examples from my life. We face choices every single day. We get to choose what we say yes to, and what we say no to.

Today, be confident in every choice that you make!

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