I’m dreaming big, now what?

So you’ve gotten the courage to dream big, you’ve set some goals for the year, and you’ve committed that this year you won’t give up, now what?  

Now this is where the rubber hits the road, this is where your passions and action collide, this where things begin to happen! 

We can dream big dreams, have an amazing 6 step plan,  but without action we won’t achieve them.

Talk is cheap, but action is where the fruit of our labor comes from.

It will be scary, it will take some guts, and oh boy will it get hard! But taking action is so much better than just dreaming.

So, this week I encourage you to take action on the dreams you’ve dreamed and on the plans you’ve made.

Be very clear about which actions you need to take to reach your goals, and then GO! 

You have been assigned this dream, this task, this journey on purpose. Someone is waiting for you to take action. But you won’t find out who until you get there! 

Share with us in the comments one action step you can take towards your goals.  

Dulce Johnson2 Comments