It's not too late

Here we are, 28 days into 2019!

For many of us it has been a fresh start into the new year, but what about those of us who may not have started yet? Or what about those of us who started strong and then fell off the wagon?

Let me say this loud and clear; IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

It’s not to late to start. It’s not too late to dream. It’s not too late to get back up.

Each day we have a choice. We can carry the guilt of not progressing or we can pick up the life God has for us. It’s up to us.

Is it easy to let go of the guilt? No, it’s actually way easier to mope around and have a pity party. But holding on to guilt won’t lead you closer to the life God has for you, in fact it will keep you farther and farther the more you lay in guilt.

So what can we do today if we find ourselves discouraged 28 days into 2019?

  1. Throw away the pity party

    This means letting go of the guilt, eliminating the imaginary standard of perfection that we will never meet, giving yourself some grace, and getting back up!

  2. Make the decision to start

    After you’ve ended the pity party (hooray!), it’s time to get to business! What are those dreams in your heart? What goals are still waiting to get conquered this year? Whatever your answer is, make the decision to start! Get crystal clear on your decision, and then Go!

  3. Choose every day

    Now this is where most people get tripped up. They think that they have to do these big things in order to accomplish their goals (in some cases, yes!), but it’s what we do every day that makes the most difference in our lives. If you’re wanting to lose some inches off your waist the best thing will be to consistently go to the gym and eat a well balanced meal. What won’t work is running one really long marathon and eating a carrot once a year. It’s what we do daily that creates the biggest impact in the journey towards our goals.

So, where do you find yourself today?

Are you feeling bad because you only went to the gym the first week of January? Is your credit card balance higher now than it was 28 days ago? Wherever you may find yourself today, know it’s not too late. It’s not too late to get back up. It’s not to late to even start. Choose today to start, and to keep going - no matter what comes your way.

Tell me in the comments what you’ll be starting or picking back up today!

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