How your confidence can conquer giants

Joshua and Caleb; two faith power houses we can all learn some confidence skills from!

To catch you up on who they are here’s a quick summary. God just delivered the Israelites from 400 years of slavery from Egypt. God performs many miracles along the way; splitting the sea for them, raining food on them, etc. So here the people are free and on their way to the land God promised for them. While on their journey, they send 12 spies (2 of them include Joshua and Caleb) to this Promised Land to bring back a report to the people. When they returned there were 2 reports. Report one was from 10 of the spies, report two was from Joshua and Caleb

Report One: *Panic* The land is extraordinary but it’s full of giants who will tear us into pieces, we stand no chance!

Report Two: *Excitement* The land is a paradise filled with giants who we can defeat!

Unfortunately, the Israelite’s chose to listen to the first report, and unfortunately that hasn’t stopped in 2019.

Sometimes those bad reports can look like the teacher who told you you wouldn’t amount to anything, or it can be facing the giant pile of debt you accumulated in your college years, it can be that big dream you know God placed in you but you don’t even know where to start.

Many people will forfeit God’s promise for their life because of the bad reports they come across. They would rather stay comfortable instead of fight for what’s theirs. They look at their own abilities, and not God’s.

What was the difference between their reports? Because they both admitted that the land was fruitful and had everything they dreamed of. They both shared that there were giants in the land. But what was different?

One believed they could conquer the giants and the other didn’t.

What report have you chosen to listen to in your life?

Joshua and Caleb remained confident in the midst of the giants because they knew how they would win the victory. It wasn’t because they were stronger, more skilled or equipped than these giants. But they had made up in their mind that these giants weren’t bigger than the God who had split the sea for them and had delivered them from the slavery they were oppressed to for 400 years!

So the first step to having Joshua and Caleb confidence is

  • Making up your mind.

    What is your mind made up on? Do you believe that you’ll never lose that weight? Do you believe you’ll never be out of debt? Do you believe you weren’t cut out for school? Do you believe that you’ll never be happy in your marriage again? Whatever it is, evaluate what your mind is made up on.

The second is

  • Speaking life

    The words that come out of your life will either make or break you. Your words will create for you exactly what you speak. Joshua and Caleb were aware of the giants, and they didn’t ignore the fact that they were there but they also didn’t allow their words to bow down to the giants that they saw. They chose to speak what they wanted to see, which was victory! So before you make another peep, think about what those words will create. What you speak you will eventually see. What do you want to see?

And lastly,

  • Refuse to conform

    It’s easy to just go with the flow to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. But Joshua and Caleb refused to conform to the despairing thoughts that the 10 spies and that the Israelite’s chose to adopt. It won’t be easy conquering the giants in our lives, it will cause some stretching, and some people will even look at us funny. But tell yourself, so what? Stand up like Caleb did and tell the world, “It is we who will devour them (giants)! They are now defenseless, and nothing can protect them from the Eternal, who is with us. You don’t need to be afraid of them! “ Numbers 14:9 (VOICE)

As you continue to fight for your dreams in 2019, remember that those giants that come your way stand no chance. Make up your mind, speak life, and refuse to conform to the negative reports about those giants.

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