Courage in action

I wanted to do something a little bit different this month by showcasing someone who I believed was living out our theme of the month; courage.

Courage is defined as “ The ability to do something that frightens one.”

This weekend I had the privilege of interviewing Janet Chavez, owner of Berry Unique Treats, a rising star in the treat making world here in the Yakima Valley.

These are some highlights of our conversation

  • Janet is a wife, mommy of 3, and dog mom of a French Bulldog, and loves to crack jokes (you’ll get this if you watch the replay LOL).

  • Janet’s treat making business is what she would call an “accidental business” - it wasn’t planned, but she made treats one day, brought them to a jewelry party and the rest is history!

  • After three years of making treat making her side hustle, Janet is now leaving her 9-5 job (that she loved!) in order to pursue her business full time.

  • Janet practices making boundaries a priority as a way to manage both her family and business. An example is not compromising her monthly date night with her husband by not overbooking on orders that week.

  • Being surrounded with like minded people has helped build her confidence from taking her treat making from hobby to business!

  • Janet encourages those going after their dreams to keep dreaming big, to not settle, and to get to the point where they feel peace with their dreams and goals.

This is just a few of the highlights of what we spoke about. We encourage you to take the time to watch the recording of this live video (click button below!), be inspired, and share it with a friend!

Let's talk courage

Let’s talk courage