Courage requires action

When I looked up the definition of courage it really surprised me. According to a quick google search, courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens one.”

Courage is taking action. The definition itself says “to do something.” Not to think something or believe something but to do something.  

Courage is admired from some of the top leaders in the world because they didn’t allow fear nor any other excuse to hold them back.

  • Jeff Bezos started a company in a Bellevue garage with no promises that he would actually succeed in what we now know as Amazon.
  • Howard Schultz  left his sales job to join Starbucks with half the pay he had been making because he knew there was something great about this Seattle based coffee business. 
  • At the age of 45 Mary Kay Ash began a business venture that would lead to what is one of today’s largest network marketing businesses in the world, Mary Kay. 
  •  Forever 21 founder, Do Won Chang worked three different jobs as a Korean immigrant before staring Forever 21 with his wife.  

What is that scary thing you’ve held back on doing? What is it that scares you? What is it that you can do today that will require courage?  

This month let’s face our fears, and let’s be courageous!