Dreaming God Dreams

Okay, don’t shut me off yet! When I say dream big, I’m not just saying this to be cheesy or to sound generic.

When I say dream big, I mean dream BIG!

What does that look like?

It’s asking yourself, can I do this on my own or do I need God?

When your answer is I need God, that’s the kind of BIG dreams I’m talking about.

I don’t think it’s just a pretty Pinterest pin, but I truly believe it’s God’s desire for us. Oh you may be saying gimme some scripture girl!


Abraham. (He was dreaming for a son at 100 years old!)

David. (Dreamed of defeating Goliath at 13 years old)

Elizabeth. (At an old age dreamed of bearing a child)

Noah. (He had no idea what rain was, but dreamed of the arc)

Joseph. (He was sold as a slave by his family, but still dreamed of the palace)


Yes, I said it. Jesus DREAMED the biggest dream anyone has ever had! He dreamed of giving His life so WE may live. People not only in His day to be saved, but generations to come, thousands of years later!

So why wouldn’t I dream big? Why wouldn’t you?

What big dream is inside of you?

So, how can we start dreaming big today?

1. Make a list of 100 bucket list items  

Write every thing you’ve ever wanted to do. The ridiculous, tiny, big, scary things that you probably haven’t told your mom about is what I want to see on that list!

Okay, once you’re done with your list. Look at it, and ask yourself, “What is keeping me from achieving these goals?” Pick 10 goals you’d like to see come to pass in the next five years.

2. Set the vision before your eyes

Once you’ve gotten your 10 goals picked, find pictures that align with that dream. Are you wanting to be a New York’s Best Selling Author? Go to google, find an image that says “New York Times Best Selling Author”, and print it. Whatever the goal is, get a cork board, poster board, or a piece of paper, and put those images on there.

You will now have made your very own vision board! Moving forward, keep this board somewhere where you will see it daily.

3. Make a plan and take action

Now that you have 10 goals picked, you have the vision before your eyes, it’s time for a plan and a whole lot of action.

Look at the goals that you would like to accomplish soonest. Make a plan on how you will get there, every step of the way!

And then the fun part begins. Action!

Action is what makes the world go round. You can write down all the goals you want, you can cut out all the pictures you want to see come to life, you can make the greatest plan in the world, but if you do nothing - nothing will happen!!!!

Your dreams require action!

I hope you are encouraged to dream the big God dreams He has for you. They aren’t meant to stay on the inside of us, but our lives were designed to manifest them.

Dream big, create a vision, and take some action!

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I am cheering you on!

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