The power of showing up

Like I mentioned last week, my journey in blogging has been an awesome, wild one.

There’s been many moments when I just want to give in. I just want to throw my hands in the air, and settle for the life I’m living. I mean, I’m working a government job, my husband just got a promotion, we’re debt free, we have a beautiful son, what’s the big deal?

But the thing is, the thought of trading God’s plan for my own because it’s easy and comfortable breaks my heart. I would be going against my own beliefs of believing I could do all things through Christ.

I would be saying to the world, “God is big, but my fears are bigger.”

There is no settling I could justify.

That’s why I show up, every day. That’s why I encourage you to show up everyday. Even and especially when you don’t feel like it.

Don’t rely on your feelings to show up, don’t rely on your circumstances to show up, just keep showing up!

John C. Maxwell says it best, “Successful people are willing to do things unsuccessful people will not do.”

Successful people show up every day. They keep pushing when others quit. They persevere when the odds are against them.

What is it that unsuccessful people do? They quit. They quit when it gets hard. They quit when it gets uncomfortable, and inconvenient. They stop showing up. 

What would happen if you just kept showing every day? What would happen if you didn’t quit?

Here’s what you can do to start showing up for your dreams every day:

  1. Push your feelings aside

    You’re not always going to want to work on building the life of your dreams. Your couch will be oh so more tempting, the TV control will call your name, Facebook will demand your attention like never before. But push past your feelings, and show up anyway. Are you tired? Write that blog anyway (even if it’s just one!). Did you have a bad day at work? Take a breather, but start working on that business plan after you’ve collected your thoughts. The point? There will always be some excuse to not work on our dreams, but it’s up to us to not allow our feelings to control our destiny.

  2. Prioritize

    You can’t do everything in one day. One day we are on fire, and we think we can do it all. Well, you can't. At least, not all in one day, and in most cases not even a week or a month. That’s okay. Prioritize your responsibilities so that you don’t become overwhelmed, and like most people, quit.

  3. Take it one day at a time 

    Plan your week in advance, and focus on accomplishing things one day at a time. Don’t jump ahead trying to do it all like I mentioned above. But focus on your today!

I believe our greatest dreams can be reached when we show up every day. We can’t reach our goals quitting. So today, push past your feelings, prioritize your responsibilities, and take your journey one day at a time.

Most importantly, show up - every day!

Dulce JohnsonComment